7Bar Aviation

Firmly Grounded In Our Core Values.


SevenBar Aviation is dedicated to providing superior, personalized medical flight service for our customers and patients. Our vision is to be the premier air medical provider in the nation by providing consistent, top-quality service to our partner hospitals.

In an industry that changes as rapidly as aviation, it’s important to have a guiding star that keeps your people pointed in the same direction. As we continue to evolve, our Mission, Vision and Values keep us focused on why we are here and what we need to do to meet your expectations.




At SevenBar Aviation, safe operation is our top priority. Safety remains at the forefront of everything we do, and each team member is responsible for the promotion of safety throughout the company.

Commitment To Customers

The quality of our customer interaction distinguishes us as an organization. Every client will have a positive experience because we continually meet their unique and specific needs.


At SevenBar Aviation we hold ourselves accountable for the safety of our employees and customers. We accept responsibility for our actions and celebrate excellence in our performance.


SevenBar Aviation encourages cohesive teamwork through open and respectful communication. We support one another at all times, and focus on overcoming challenges, identifying opportunities, and nurturing trust.


As leaders in our industry and good citizens of our communities, we are committed to the highest standards of performance and ethics. We maintain an environment that encourages safety, efficiency, and professionalism.


SevenBar Aviation responds quickly and appropriately to our changing environment. Our ability to maintain flexibility in our operations allows us to provide customized solutions while delivering a consistent quality of service that does not compromise safety.


Requests for improvements or changes are met with enthusiasm and analyzed with a mindset of continued development. We encourage a learning environment and remain open-minded about new ideas and approaches. Performance that does not meet standards will be embraced as an opportunity to improve.