S.A.S. Services

At S.A.S., we save our partners costs, develop stunning efficiencies, and create a better, premium guest service level than our competitors.  Our continued growth is testimony to the fact that we have found the right balance of excellent service, competitive cost, adaptability, and technology.  


Our Services


We are a premium ground support service partner that focuses on safety, quality, and guest services on a level that exceeds our competition!  We are on the forefront of the industry utilizing the most advanced mobile technology and premium equipment.  


S.A.S. employs hundreds of aviation professionals at multiple international airports and proudly service airlines and airport service companies!  For example, S.A.S. has become the largest ground support service provider at one of America's most important international airports - Honolulu International Airport.  At any given hour across our system, we are pushing over 100 wheelchairs, with over 400 wheelchairs circulating in operation.  In addition, we currently provide the following services:


  • Airport Service Agents

  • Baggage Porter Agents

  • Wheelchair Porter Agents

  • Skycap Porter Agents

  • Security Services Agents

  • Customs and Immigration Services Agents

  • VIP Services Agents

  • Operations / Weight & Balance / Dispatch Services

  • Aircraft Cleaning Personnel

  • Janitorial Personnel - including VIP Lounges

  • Aircraft Maintenance Services

  • Crew Transportation Services

  • Escorting Services


Technology and Equipment


We are pleased to offer cutting edge technology and premium equipment to our partners!  We use Springshot Mobile for our wheelchair porters: more information on Springshot can be found here.


For our wheelchairs, we use industry standard Staxi Chairs: more information on Staxi can be foundhere.


Airport Efficiency Planning and Consulting


S.A.S. has a management team that has been leading within the Airport environment for combined decades at some of the world's busiest international airports, and can provide planning assistance to Airport Authorities, Airlines, or Service Companies in the following areas:​

  • Customer flow planning for new airport additions, construction, or security projects.

  • Consulting in the areas of efficiency, security, people flow, resource management, security lines, baggage claim flow, and terminal staff and equipment placement.

  • Staff planning for special construction or security projects.

  • Development of staffing plans for security, airline staff, airport ground services staff, flow management, and related, with an eye on security, efficiency and cost savings.



We work or have partnerships at the following major air transportation cities:


  • Los Angeles Area, US

  • All Major Hawaii Airports, US

  • Las Vegas, US

  • Dallas, US

  • San Francisco, US

  • San Diego, US

  • Washington D.C. / Dulles, US

  • Newark, NJ, US

  • New York, US

  • Orlando, US