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Hello, my name is Charles Simmons. A 12000 hour Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) with 5 type ratings, I am a highly trained, experienced pilot with over 27 years in the industry. As a professional pilot I am skilled at providing safe, efficient air transportation while accommodating the highest levels of service to my passengers and clients. I am also well versed in what it takes to manage and maintain an airplane so that it is mission ready at a moment’s notice. Currently as VP/Director of Flight Operations, I manage a fleet of 15 airplanes. As a manager, whether for a single airplane or at a fleet level, I have provided assistance and guidance to business owners concerning aircraft acquisitions, human resources for flight departments, crew training, crew scheduling and management, budgeting and finance, aircraft maintenance, flight safety (SMS), regulatory compliance and all aspects of flight operations. A former Chief Pilot, Check Airman, Instructor, Chief Flight Instructor, CFI-A, CFI-I and MEI, I have taught many people to fly airplanes and helped many to advance through their Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Flight Instructor and ATP certifications on the way to a career as a professional pilot. Several of my former students work for major airlines and many work as corporate pilots flying high net-worth individuals or company officers to destinations around the world in turboprops and jets. I can manage a single airplane or a fleet and I have run flight departments with as many as 60 pilots and 100 employees overall and managed over $50,000,000.00 in aviation assets. If you are in need of someone with my skills and experience, please call me at 832-289-3727.