Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation has team members around the world. We all have diverse backgrounds, but a common thread that ties us together is an inherent sense to do the right thing and a professional, positive attitude. It’s the people within a company who create a strong brand. Our people are talented, dedicated and special. They care about our customers and they are mindful to create an exceptional experience.

Brand Promise
Duncan Aviation is committed to provide an experience unlike any other to owners and operators of business aircraft. We do this by providing personalized expertise, innovative services and ongoing support.

Core Values
At Duncan Aviation, We:

Deliver high-quality products and services.
Charge fair prices and provide efficient turntimes.
Lead through action and innovation.
Focus on solutions and offer positive suggestions.
Respect others and are accountable for our actions.
Maintain a team approach.
Value honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust.
Promote safety, health and wellness.
Support our communities and respect the environment.
Are proud to be the best at what we do.