Talon Air

About Talon Air

Talon Air is a full service Private Jet Charter Company specializing in charter flights, maintenance and aircraft management. As an aircraft owner and operator of the most diverse fleet of private aircraft in the world, Talon Air offers clients access to heavysuper-midsizemidsizelight jetsturbo-prop, amphibious aircraft and executive helicopters. Talon Air’s expansive in-house fleet enables clients to choose the most appropriate private aircraft that meets the scope of each individual flight.

With over a decade of operational experience, Talon Air has become a leader in the private jet charterindustry. Talon Air offers significant advantages with incentives such as Discounted On-Demand charter flightsEmpty Leg Charter Flights and all-inclusive pricing. Talon Air’s ConciAire Travel Club allows clients to purchase charter flights in 25 hour increments without having to make upfront acquisition, maintenance, membership or broker fees.

Our pricing structure provides clientele with the transparency they expect from an affordable, all-inclusive private jet charter company. Talon Air will provide you with an accurate rate based on variables such as the distance traveled, aircraft type, passenger count, and the length of stay. We offer guaranteed availability of our core fleet of aircraft 24/7 with multiple crews available to offer you the flexibility you require from a private jet charter operator. Choose from the largest private fleet of Hawker 4000s in the world for affordability, luxury and flight range.

Talon Air is a distinguished leader in private aviation, offering our exclusive clientele the highest level of safety, sophistication and convenience. Our company maintains ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO Stage 2 certifications to ensure our clients’ safety during every flight. All of our flight crews have extensive domestic and international experience and have been selected specifically for their ability to offer the highest level of customer service and safety.

Talon Air Philosophy

Talon Air will do anything that is safe and legal to satisfy your private jet charter needs. The comfort and safety of our private jet charter clients takes precedence over all else. That is the reason we spare no expense when training our pilots on a semi-annual basis; operate a late model charter fleet; equip our private aircraft with the most advanced avionics and entertainment technology available; hire non-union, full-time air charter pilots; gain charter flight operating authority in virtually any city our clients request, including Reagan National Airport (DCA) in Washington, DC.

Talon Air Gives You Choices

With a vertically integrated fleet of helicopters, amphibious aircraft, turbo-props, light, mid, super-mid and heavy jets, Talon Air is equipped to provide you with a private aircraft suitable for any travel itinerary. Whether it is a one way charter flight, same day round trip, international trip or multi leg trip from coast to coast – we’ve got you covered. We will also help you determine the most economic option, whether you prefer a private jet charter, personalized Block Time Agreement or outright aircraft ownership.

Talon Air History

Talon Air was founded by an individual who combined a passion for private aviation with a vision for a singular business travel solution. A successful real estate developer and attorney, father of five, multi-engine, instrument rated, ATP pilot and certified flight instructor, Talon Air Founder and CEO Adam Katz, Esq. recognized that the private jet market lacked what he demanded as a discerning and knowledgeable traveler: consistency and flexibility.

Mr. Katz realized that individuals and businesses did not want the five-year commitment or owner-liability associated with fractional private aircraft ownership. He disagreed with the concept of 1) Purchasing a plane that the owner would rarely, if ever, use and 2) Being forced to fly different tail numbers with different pilots on every trip. Lastly, he recognized that jet-cards were too expensive and brokers lacked operational control.

In 2001, Mr. Katz purchased a fleet of late-model aircraft from Raytheon Aircraft Corporation (now Hawker Beechcraft Corporation), hired experienced and well-trained pilots, built a 45,000 sq ft state-of-the-art hangar facility and opened the doors to Talon Air.

Other aircraft owners learned of Mr. Katz’s attention to detail, insistence upon excellence in every facet of the management of his own fleet and asked that he care for their aircraft in the same manner. In November 2006, Talon Air took on its first third-party management client and has since expanded the managed fleet to 16 aircraft.

Despite Talon Air’s rapid expansion, Mr. Katz has sustained his core principle of providing a boutique, luxury aviation solution to a select group of discerning travelers. He owns the Part 135 certificate, the hangar and diverse aircraft within the 25 aircraft fleet. He intends to remain the sole backstop of quality assurance. In November 2011, Talon completed the construction of its second hangar and office complex which grew their Farmingdale facility to over 100,000 sq ft.

Talon is considered the premier aircraft charter and management company in the Northeast US and is proud to be the largest owner/operator of the all new Hawker 4000.Talon employees over 120 people and has grown to have operating bases in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and South Florida.