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About Sheltair Aviation


When Jerry Holland began his South Florida construction company in 1963, he infused his personalized, humble touch into the business. His reputation for doing things the right way, with honesty and integrity, continues today with the consistently high standards he sets for both his products and employees. The result is a strong, loyal customer base that has stayed with Sheltair throughout the decades.

That drive to succeed by exceeding customer expectations and focusing on the customer experience is now the hallmark of Sheltair – a diversified aviation company offering FBO services, property leasing and development and aviation-related construction and construction management throughout Florida, Georgia and New York.

Sheltair is unique in its diversification, since no other aviation services entity offers the expertise to design, build, manage, lease and operate aviation facilities. And while we recognize the uniqueness of our offerings, we know that creating the best customer experience possible is the only thing that will set us apart in a competitive marketplace.

Mr. Holland’s passion is as strong today as it was when he began the business. Because of that non-stop dedication, no matter what we do, we will always strive to do it better than anyone else. As our customer, we will always put your needs first.

From our 17 FBOs to the properties we offer for lease and development at 21 airports to the more than three million square feet of aviation-related facilities we have built, Sheltair and our 300+ employees are committed to exceeding expectations. Give us an opportunity to exceed yours.

Our Core Values

  1. Safety   2. Integrity  3. Premium Quality  4. High Level of Service  5. Efficiency

A message from Jerry Holland

We at Sheltair are committed to excellence — a philosophy that can be seen in everything we do. Because of our heritage in the construction and aviation industry, we understand the importance of quality design, customer service, cost containment and on-time delivery.

These are the building blocks on which I founded Sheltair. Through the years, they have served as the guidelines that govern the way we do business. Ultimately, they’re also the reasons we’re recognized as a leader in the aviation facility construction, property management, and general aviation industries in Florida and across the Eastern United States. We are thankful to have such a wonderful team of more than 300 employees. Their talents and skills are the reason for our success with our customers. Their commitment to safety and excellence, combined with their training and years of experience, is what makes a difference.

Gerald M. Holland
Chairman, CEO and Founder
Sheltair Aviation