For over 20 years, Keystone Aviation has been an industry leader, providing private charter, aircraft management, maintenance and sales & brokerage solutions for customers from the Intermountain Rockies to around the world. Keystone Aviation’s experienced team of professionals pride themselves on a safety record and commitment to personal service that is unmatched by any other provider.

Beginning in 1995, as a franchise FBO operator, Keystone Aviation rapidly began to expand into other aviation service lines. Within its first year, aircraft sales added a Piper dealership and service center, and its maintenance department obtained FAA certification as a Part 145 Repair Station for both turbine and piston aircraft.

By 2007, the Keystone Aviation charter department had collectively sold hundreds of millions of dollars in brokered aircraft, the aircraft sales department was appointed as a TBM Aircraft Dealership, and the sales department was selected to be one of only five HondaJet dealerships in the United States. Keystone Aviation’s maintenance department was also granted the exclusive class IV maintenance status by the FAA, authorizing its technicians to work all types of fixed wing aircraft.

After 17 years of strategic growth, Texas-based wholesale refined petroleum products marketer and FBO network operator, The Arnold Companies (TAC), recognized the value and potential of bringing Keystone Aviation into its operations. In May of 2012, the Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah line service operations became part of the TAC Air network, bringing the national chain to 14 locations. The charter operation, maintenance shops, management and sales & brokerage services were re-positioned and to operate as Keystone Aviation.

Today, Keystone Aviation is stronger than ever. Aircraft sales territories for HondaJet, Piper and TBM Daher are expanding across the United States and Canada. Charter services lead the industry in safety, and are optimizing the use of an expanding fleet and renovated sales and ops facilities. More aircraft owners are realizing the value of The Complete Solution of management services. Keystone’s FAA Certified Class IV maintenance department is growing in technological expertise, accreditations and scope of operations with the addition of a Garmin Service Center and more.