CAE Simuflite

Civil Aviation

With more than 230 full-flight simulators in 50 civil training locations worldwide, CAE has the largest network of civil training locations in the industry. CAE serves approximately 3,500 airlines, aircraft operators and manufacturers across the globe. We offer customized training services for pilots and maintenance technicians ranging from integrated programs to deployable ground school capabilities and e-Learning solutions. We have teamed with airlines and original equipment manufacturers to improve services and offer training solutions for every segment on the market. We operate the world's largest network of Ab-Initio flight schools called CAE Oxford Aviation Academy and comprised of 9 locations with a capacity to train 2,000 cadets annually. CAE has also extended into pilot and maintenance crew sourcing through CAE Parc Aviation, which provides 1,200 aviation personnel on assignment to 50 airlines and leasing companies in 40 countries. 

CAE is also the world's leading supplier of civil flight simulators, with more than 1,000 simulators and flight training devices sold to more than 130 airlines, aircraft manufacturers and training centres. We have simulated almost every modern airliner for both major and regional carriers, as well as many of today's business jets and helicopters and have recently developed or are currently under contract to develop the first simulators for many of the world’s newest aircraft platforms.